Pregnancy Weeks 20 – 23

Twenty three weeks: Beach vacation week! Our little girl loved all the action: chasing Caleb, riding waves, etc.

Twenty two weeks: The nursery is painted!

Twenty one weeks: Baby is as long as a carrot, but I’m more interested in eating popsicles.

Twenty weeks: Halfway there! Baby is as long as a banana.

FullSizeRender 4

Pregnancy: Weeks 16 – 19

Four weeks in one post this time, with the most exciting news so far! Baby is a girl! You may recall last pregnancy we did the Baby Sex Predictors to see if the silly old wives’ tales ways to predict baby’s sex would work. For pregnancy 1, there was a 73% chance baby was a boy – and we ended up with Caleb! This time, there was a 73% change baby is a girl – and the ultrasound agreed! Maybe the tests are more accurate when done collectively? Mom and Dad’s intuition also said girl this time around, so there’s always that ;)

Heartbeat test– Is the baby’s heartbeat above 140 bpm? Yes- girl.

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar– Look up by mother’s date at time of conception and month of conception. Girl.

Carrying high or low? Low. Boy.

Dry hands and cold feet? No. Girl.

Sweet or sour/salty cravings? Sweet – girl.

Morning sickness or no? Yes – girl.

Even & Odd Numbers– Are the mother’s age at time of conception and year of conception both even or both odd? Yes. Girl.

Is baby weight showing in face and spread to sides of the stomach? No. Boy.

Wedding ring on a string– Tie mom’s wedding ring on a string and hold it above her stomach. Does it have a circular motion or pendulum motion? Circular. Boy.

Craving citrus? Yes. Girl.

Which side do you sleep on? Right. Girl.

Now for the weekly pictures:

Nineteen weeks: Baby is a GIRL!

FullSizeRender 2

Eighteen weeks: Baby is the size of a sweet potato.


Seventeen weeks: baby is doing flips and approximately the size of three crayola chalks.

FullSizeRender 5

Sixteen weeks: Hiking through Watkins Glen with a baby in my belly and a toddler on my back.

Bake15: Ham and Cheese Puff Pastry Pie (Pie #13)


Surprise, surprise… another Joy the Baker pie!

This was actually a pie I made the day after Pi Day – just a little while ago.

Step one: purchase store-bought puff pastry. Yeah. I know. This pie is already a piece of cake… Although that seems like an oxymoron.

Joy made hers into more of a pie shape – aka a circle – but the puff pastry I found was a rectangle, so I went with it and think that we actually liked it better. It was easy to cut into squares and easy to hold.


This pie uses a nice layer of whole-grain mustard… which, yes, I was a little skeptical about. BUT – you can’t even feel the ‘funky’ texture after it cooks.

Then the pie is topped with black forest ham and gruyere cheese.

Then the second puff pastry goes on top and slits are cut.


After baking, it looks PERFECT and is seriously the best lunch ever.


Cutting the pie into squares made it seem like just a fancy sandwich… Which it kind of is.


We all loved this – including Caleb! Even he asked for more (regular, with no grains) mustard to dip the sandwich in. I think this is a great go-to lunch to last a few days or for the whole week, depending on the size of your family. While I did use black forest ham and gruyere based on Joy the Baker’s recommendations, I’m sure various combinations could be used to make lots of different puff pastry pie sandwiches.

The pie ratings:

The pie rating scale is a Mike-determined scale from 1 – 10, with a 5 being the “classic, homemade apple pie”, and 10 being the highest rating.

Emily: 10

Mike: 10

This pie is a definite winner and is SO easy to make – you should definitely give it a try!

Father’s Day Weekend in Watkins Glen


We spent this past weekend camping at a KOA (Kampground of America) in Watkins Glen, and it was awesome! We stayed in a cabin, which was definitely the right choice with a two-year-old. He had his own twin bed to sleep in, we could control the temperature, and there was a miniature refrigerator. I know – not much of a “real camping” trip, but just what we needed with the little guy.


He said (over and over and over) how we were going to “play outside all weekend” – which is just what we did.

Friday was a (pretty lame) festival at Seneca Lake, but the weather was nice, and the views were nicer, so we enjoyed ourselves walking around, looking at boats, and listening to an elderly folk music group.


Saturday was the perfect morning. Watkins Glen State Park opened at 8:30am, and we got there around 9am. With temperatures between 65 and 70 F, our walk through the park and up the 800+ stairs was made easier by the moderate weather and lack of visitors to the park.


We got to stand under waterfalls, which Caleb thought was super cool.





We hiked to a picnic area to eat lunch and then play on a playground. There is a shuttle to go back to the main parking lot, but we decided to hike back instead since it was downhill and much easier than the initial trip! Caleb walked partway this time (only near the calmer water!). When the water got rougher, Mike carried him and he just passed out… for the next two hours.


It was a great weekend, and we will definitely stay at a KOA and go back to Watkins Glen in the future!

Pregnancy Pictures

You may remember that when I was pregnant with Caleb I took week-by-week fruit and vegetable pictures showing what size he was (posted here).

This time, I decided to do something a little different: a downward picture from my point-of-view. I think it will be fun as my belly gets much bigger later in pregnancy.


In each picture, there is something describing that week of pregnancy. This week, it happens to be the approximate size of the baby and also a craving (donuts… I know…).

The new page is here, and I posted the pictures that I have taken since week three. Hopefully updates will be weekly or bi-weekly – probably depending on how crazy my schedule is! Enjoy :)

Bake15: Cherry Pie (Pie #12)

So remember how I said I had a few pies from Pi Day that I hadn’t posted yet? Well, here’s one… Just a little late. It’s a cherry pie. And gosh was it good!

I’ll be honest: I had never had cherry pie before. Seems weird, right? My family just normally made blueberry ones since my Grandparents have 200 blueberry bushes. Mike loves cherry recipes, though… So I figured a cherry pie had to go on my list. There’s a first time to taste everything!


I used a Joy the Baker recipe for the most part, but also added a little flare of my own ;) AKA a jar of brandied cherries instead of all fresh (or, I guess in my case, frozen) cherries.

And then we had to add in a little Pi Day to the top crust. You know – just to make sure we made it clear that this post is over two months late and I couldn’t hide it.


It bubbled over a little – I must not have pressed the crust together well enough there… but that’s what this super mega awesome drip pan is for!

And – voilá! Delicious pie #12.

Joy’s recipe formed the base – but I left out the almond extract (so I wouldn’t die), and substituted a cup of fresh cherries for a small jar of homemade brandied cherries. I liked the flavor a lot – the brandy wasn’t overwhelming.

This pie was gone before the clock struck midnight. I think that means it’s a win!

The pie ratings:

The pie rating scale is a Mike-determined scale from 1 – 10, with a 5 being the “classic, homemade apple pie”, and 10 being the highest rating.

Emily: 10

Mike: 9.5