Ezra: One Month

Ezra is officially one month old!



  • Rolled from tummy to back by accident
  • Getting some good head control
  • Slept one six-hour stretch and then didn’t do it again (usually does 3-3.5 hours)


  • Bath
  • Bottle


  • Being super warm
  • Snuggling
  • Looking out the window
  • Giving skeptical looks


And of course here is the typical crying shot:


Bake15: Pies 14 and 15

As I was looking over this blog, I realize that I never officially ended my pie challenge on here. That’s what having a baby does!

Don’t worry: I’ve baked far more than 15 pies, but here are two I made from Sweet & Vicious by Libbie Summers.

Pie 14: Green Tomato Pie. Sweet and savory, this pie was the most out-of-the-box pie we’ve ever had! It was super tasty… and not at all what we expected.

Pie 15: Angry Bird Hand Pies… So I guess Pies 15? These buffalo chicken pies are PORTABLE. I repeat: PORTABLE PIE. Obviously, they’re a win.

I learned a lot about pies through this challenge. I adore sharing them as much as I enjoy baking them. To me, no other piece of food captures the comfort of home quite like pie.

The Cold Truth Pie Dough from Libbie Summers and Buttermilk Pie Crust from Joy the Baker are our two favorite crusts. You also can’t go wrong with recipes from either of these two authors. Soon, I’ll explore more pie recipes, try fruit filling that I canned over the summer, go down the road of savory pies, and read The Art of Pie. Because there is always more room for pie.

Elise: One year

One year. One year ago today, we were in the hospital meeting sweet little Elise for the first time.


Our girl is active, feisty, feminine, playful, intelligent, and strong.


And also really, really cute. REALLY CUTE. Although I may be biased.


  • Foods: chicken, brussels sprouts, carrots, bananas, chocolate
  • Climbing
  • Snuggling
  • Throwing everything in the trashcan (RIP Roku remote)
  • Playing outside
  • Dogs
  • Baths
  • Dancing


  • Words: “grandpa”
  • Thanksgiving
  • Climbing into the bath fully clothed
  • Birthday cake!

We love Ellie so much and are excited to see her grow this year!

Elise: 11 Months

Our little Ellie is 11 months old! That means this is the second to last monthly post… how did that happen!?

Snow White went trick-or-treating at Caleb’s preschool – and absolutely loved it! She’s ready to be a big girl, but we’re not quite ready yet 😉


  • Eating meat
  • Dogs
  • Being chased
  • Going to preschool to pick up Caleb (she gets lots of attention)
  • Exploring / climbing
  • Taking everything off of shelves, out of drawers, etc. And sometimes shoving it in other places.

Oh, and she also loves jumping and climbing on her giant puppy, as well as the pillow forts that Caleb builds all the time.


  • Full-time walking
  • Whole milk
  • Words: “diaper” and “ducky”
  • Trick-or-treating

And here’s an obligatory shot of both of them:


Elise: 10 Months

We’re almost to a year!!! This girl is growing fast. Ellie is fiercely independent, but also loves to snuggle and play.


Elise loves:

  • Baths
  • Pears
  • Animals
  • Pointing
  • Climbing
  • Smiling
  • Fitting objects/toys into larger toys/spaces
  • Pretending to talk on the phone

She found the sticker this time


Yaaaay sticker!


Uh oh. Mom took the sticker.


  • Walking
  • Pointing
  • Baby shower
  • Swim lessons
  • Teeny tiny ponytail

Ellie walks about 1/3 of the time now… she’s still learning, but is definitely quicker when she crawls! And she needs the speed with Caleb around 😉

She still looks like Caleb, but is definitely more girly. She’s also only in the 20th percentile for weight, and Caleb was in like the 75th haha.


And someday she’ll get more hair. Someday.


Elise: 9 Months

Well, we are definitely hitting toddlerhood, evidenced by the fact that my Fitbit tells me that I am hitting my goal number of steps every day. We are constantly chasing after Elise to stop shoving dog food in her mouth, get away from plugs/cords, or cease taking bites out of every tomato from the CSA. This girl knows what she wants, and she goes for it. A good quality for later in life 😉

Elise loves:

  • Walking with her cart
  • Climbing
  • Fruit
  • Dogs
  • Doing things very precisely (she is very careful learning how to stand – she doesn’t want to fall abruptly)
  • Mom’s hair
  • Playing games (she likes to cover her face with cloths to play peek-a-boo)
  • Music – especially Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake


Here, Elise is wondering if she can get down now since she sat nicely for pictures. Luckily, she realized she is not able to on her own. Smart girl.


  • Standing without help
  • Groovy dance moves
  • Says “dada”, “papa”, “bath”, “lub” (Caleb) in addition to “mama” and “hi”
  • Trip to Albany and NYC!

Elise is definitely developing her own little personality of being sweet, playful, demanding, observant, intelligent, and mindful. She picks up on things very quickly and is able to mimic others well. We think she’ll be walking soon, but know that she will want to make 100% sure she can take steps by herself without falling before she tries to walk without help.

Elise: 8 Months


8 months! 3/4 of a year. Wasn’t I just in the hospital giving birth…? I guess not.

This is a good stage. We have a routine, which makes life more predictable for her and I. We thrive on schedules in the Waller household.

Elise loves:

  • Exploring
  • Climbing
  • Water (baths, rain, drinking water, the dog’s water bowl, a few drops spilled on the floor…)
  • Eating paper
  • Playing outside
  • Popsicles
  • Mom (still a liiiiiittle attached)
  • Being chased by Dad when he comes home from work

See? This is Elise saying, “Hmm I think I could climb this and get to those flowers.” I promise – it’s exactly what she’s thinking.


  • Walks behind cart
  • Says “mama”
  • Falling asleep at the dinner table

Ellie is also showing us that we might be in for it as she gets older. She has quite the stubborn attitude and loves attention. She goes from ‘happy and pleasantly eating in her highchair’ to ‘screaming her head off with two angry fists’ without warning. She sobs and sobs if we take away a phone (or computer or dog food or cookbook) she’s chewing on. And she likes to be with us. All the time. She might have a serious FOMO problem. Or maybe just a little case of separation anxiety 😉