Welcome to Arizona!

We made it! We’ve been in Arizona since Sunday night, and finally got internet yesterday.  The drive through the rest of New Mexico into Arizona was long, but beautiful! In the middle of New Mexico, there aren’t ANY radio stations. Our radio just kept scanning through all of the channels because it couldn’t settle on one… We’ve never seen that before.

During the course of the trip, a bee hit our windshield. It looked kind of cool… and gross…

We also passed an Indian Reservation that thought dinosaurs were the coolest thing under the sun… It made for some funny pictures that look like dinos are chasing cars, though 🙂



Our apartment is REALLY nice. It’s a two-bedroom with a balcony, and since we live in a community of apartments, there’s a fitness center, pool, laundry room, and community center. There was also a small kitchen fire before we moved in, so pretty much everything in our kitchen is new! And we have really soft, new carpet 🙂 Woo! We’re going to wait to take pictures until everything’s unpacked and it doesn’t look like a pigsty!

My mom and Chris came up to help us unload the trailer and set up our new place– and it was great! We got to try out a few new restaurants in the area, visit the aquarium and a game store, and spend some awesome quality time together! Just incase you missed it, we also experienced a huge dust storm… You can watch a time lapse of it here.  We also hiked “A” Mountain and got to watch the sun set over Phoenix!





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