Ummm sorry that we stink at keeping up this blog…

Soooo we’ve been in Arizona for a few weeks now… and it has been:

1. hot

2. hot

3. busy

4. hot.

Riiiidiculous. Our apartment’s pretty much set up now. But, all of the wall hangings aren’t up, and it’s messy right now, so I’m not putting any pictures up yet.  We will soon, though! Promise.

We did get a puppy. He’s a 16-week old Schnoodle. And he’s really cute. His name is Samson… So we’d better never cut his hair.

Isn’t he so cute?! He’s totally the cutest puppy in the apartment complex. I’m a little bit allergic to him, so we’ll have to see how that goes. Buuuuut I’m really hoping we can keep him.

He also likes to eat my camera strap.

You know how some people sleep with one eye open? Samson sleeps with one ear up. Sometimes.

On another note, Mike got me flowers and they’re really pretty.

He chose these ones because they "look like my hair".

We also bought some passionfruit-flavored beer made in Hawaii. Then we mixed it with orange juice. It was delicious. We drank them with homemade bbq pineapple chicken pizza.

Oh! And we think we found a church. It’s called Cornerstone and it’s in Chandler, about 15 minutes away. We’re going again tomorrow, but so far we really like it!

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