Nutritious Food: Ramen…?

Today was a loooong day. Not sure why, but it was. Mike had orientation for grad school.. He came home with two free water bottles and lots of information pamphlets! I think the day was long because the stupid dog kept going to the bathroom in the apartment right after we took him outside for 15 minutes…

Sigh. He’s still cute, though.

Even without the curly hair.

He really likes his food, too. He even brings us his food dish when he’s hungry.

His thoughts are probably along the lines of, "Why are you taking another picture of me? Give me food!"

Speaking of food, this came up on the side of my Facebook page today:

Mmm Ramen... Definitely (not) nutritious.

I did make some pretty nutritious granola bars today! You can find those on the Recipes page.

They’re really good. I wanted to eat a lot of them.


So yesterday we went to an event for ‘young adults’ at our church. Apparently, we’re adults.


They brought in a comedian named Jonnie W and he was hilarious! Lots of song parodies and clean humor.


And that’s pretty much all we did yesterday.

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