The remaining days before the start of the semester…

Mike starts school on Thursday. Yep. Thursday… the second to last day of the school/work week.

Weird, right? I guess it’s ASU’s way of making up for breaks like Thanksgiving etc. where students get Thursday and Friday off.

I’m still just job searching. And I’ve been reading a lot!

Book #1: How to Zest a Lemon by Kim Upton

So funny. I wanted to learn a few different cooking terms that I wasn’t so familiar with, and this book gave a definition, had pictures, and showed a recipe for each term.

For example:
Deveining- to remove the icky black intestinal vein on the back of a shrimp so that you don’t have to think about the contents.
Broiling- (1) to cook food directly under an oven heat source turned very high or (2) to be angry over a loser recipe that cost $20 to make.



Book #2: Splitting Harriet by Tamara Leigh

Light reading book that took like a day to read (which is super quick for a slow reader like me!).  It’s about Harriet, a pastor’s daughter who went off the deep end into a “bad girl” phase, came back to normal, and fell in love with a guy!





Book #3: The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho

I love this author. Love, love, love. Brida and The Alchemist are two of my favorite books! This is a story about the prophet Elijah… It doesn’t completely follow his actual story, but it’s still good. I didn’t think it was as good as his other writings, but I still enjoyed reading it. It was also a quick read.





Samson’s being as weird as ever. This is how I found him sleeping today:

We still like him, though 🙂

I also made these brownie bites using the mini cupcake pan that we got at a yard sale on Saturday… They were so good! I just Googled a homemade brownie recipe and then cooked them for like 18ish minutes on 325˚F in the oven. Oh, and Dad, you should look out for some of those in the mail. You’re welcome.

Aaand last but not least we went to Lake Pleasant today and floated on some rafts with our friends!

Those photos totally don’t do it justice because I took them with my phone!

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