A few happenings…

Happenings at Jimmy John’s:

1. I make a lot of sandwiches.
2. I get really hungry because I work with food all of the time.
3. I got invited to a male strip club (by a male stripper) on Saturday.
4. A person dressed up in a gorilla costume came in on Saturday.

Happenings with Mike:

1. Goes to class.
2. Does homework.
3. Reads.
4. Repeat.

Happenings with Samson:

1. Runs around in circles.
2. Steals stuff out of the trashcan.
3. Gets addicted to Oreos (weird, right? he got one by accident and then went crazy for them).
4. Still can’t catch a ball.

Pretty boring stuff, which is why I haven’t updated anything in awhile.


Oh, I also read Next to Love by Ellen Feldman. It was pretty good… I got a little bit bored at the end, but I thought it was a good perspective of WWII from the point of view of American women! So definitely worth reading 🙂 It didn’t take very long to read, either!

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