Happy Labor Day week! Did you have a good extended weekend? I hope so! I had to work on Monday. It was sooo slllloooowwww.

I made Chicago Deep-dish Pizza this weekend. It was really good. The recipe makes enough for two pizzas, so we froze half of it to use later! Woo.

We also found a bow tie and put it on Samson. He looked very elegant.

But his haircut is still stupid. We want the curly hair back!!!

He also lost all of his puppy teeth in the bottom front. He looks goofy.

And this is the best picture I could get because getting a little ball-of-energy puppy to sit still for a picture of the inside of his mouth doesn’t work very well.

Last but not least, I made a clutch out of a placemat. Which means that it was $4. And it’s really cute.

That’s all, folks.

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