Woo! What a weekend. We went to Chili’s for the Margarita Deal ($35 gets you two top shelf margaritas, an appetizer, two entrees, and dessert) on Friday for a date night and it was great! Chili’s is so good.

On Saturday, Cornerstone had a rummage sale with a TON of stuff! We got some clothes that are super cute and were really cheap! Like a dress from Banana Republic for $1.50. And TOMS shoes for $1. I also got two camera tripods for $10! Gosh I love deals.

Here's Samson being really interested in the camera. He was ready for his close-up!

His hair is finally starting to grow back and be a little curly!

Mike thinks that it's sooo funny that Samson snuggles like this.

Aaaand here’s how Mike himself is doing:

Weirdo 🙂

Annnnd that’s all. See ya next time!

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