Bronchitis is lame.

And it’s been kicking my butt the past few days! But I finally gave up and went to the doctor so now I’m taking three different meds and using an inhaler. Sheesh.

I guess it’s not that awful having to stay on the couch all day and watch a four-pack of ‘wedding romance’ movies purchased from Target… but it does get old after awhile!

I didn’t want to deal with taking the dog out a bunch of times, so I got him some busy bones. One bone has kept him busy since I got home five hours ago. Thank you, Purina. Except now Samson’s a mess since apparently eating a bone means getting it stuck in your paws and beard. Oh well, still worth it!

So remember that bike I mentioned that Mike got? Someone in a car hit him the second day he rode it around and bent the back tire. He was fine, though! That’s all that matters. Plus, it was a used $40 bike from the ASU Surplus Store. So we went to Walmart and bought another bike yesterday, and the plastic part of the pedal broke off today! He just can’t catch a break. We’re gonna take that one back tomorrow.

I’m gonna go take a nap… which may turn into falling asleep for the rest of the night. Later!

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