I can breathe again!

So after getting bronchitis last week and improving through last Saturday, my antibiotics wore off and the bacteria fought back. In other words, I got a lot worse and had to go back to the doctor’s again. Thankfully, I got a new antibiotic and can breathe now! That’s always useful.

Recap of the weekend: it was great! Went to a game night on Friday and had a blast, slept in super late on Saturday, and went to a kind of lame Hispanic Festival on Sunday with some friends. I also read a book called The Hunger Games, and I need to get the second book in the trilogy ASAP. It was SO GOOD! Read it now, if you haven’t already.

For game night, I brought over this Creamy White Bean Dip, which was kind of like ultra-garlicky hummus. It was good with Sea Salt & Olive Oil crackers… You just couldn’t put too much dip on the cracker or it was garlic overload!

We also taught Samson how to “pound it” yesterday. It was easy because he already knows how to “shake”… But pounding it is way cooler.

Tonight, I used another Philadelphia Cooking Creme– the Tomato and Basil one– to make a Creamy Tomato and Basil Pasta Bake. It was delicious! It made way too much food for just Mike and I, but it was good! And we like leftovers.

It was one of the easiest dinners to make EVER. I also made an apple crisp for dessert.

I also got my hands on some pumpkin pie filling– FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for it to get to the grocery store… So I made some pumpkin scones for breakfast this week.

Be prepared for some more pumpkin recipes, because I bought a few cans of the puree 🙂

TTFN– Ta ta for now!

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