So we left Samson at home alone… out of his crate…

I work 11-2 every day… Only three hours, so we usually just keep Samson in his crate. He doesn’t mind it. It’s a lot bigger than he is. He just sleeps or plays with a few toys.

But yesterday I decided that he could roam around the house while I was gone. He was great! He didn’t chew on anything or go to the bathroom in the apartment.

I came back from work, was in the mood to bake, so made some cupcakes, and waited for Mike to come home. Since Samson was so good before, when Mike and I left again last night we thought it would be fine to leave him out again for a few hours.

We came back home and he was in the exact same spot that he was when we left– good sign, right? Then, we looked on the other side of the couch and it turns out he threw up… Gross. We figured it was because the neighbors gave him a bone and it upset his stomach.

As Mike was cleaning it up and said, “Umm… is this… cupcake?” I thought there was no way he could’ve gotten a cupcake– half of them were on a high counter in the kitchen and the other half on the kitchen table.

Turns out I forgot to push a kitchen chair in, so he got up on the kitchen table and left this:

Yep, he only ate half of one. I guess he didn’t like them… But he ate the icing off of the other ones! Too funny.

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