This week in a nutshell

10. Got some really good, free coffee at Dutch Bros. Coffee because they were opening up a new location down the street.

9. Bought plane tickets to go to DJ and Josh’s wedding in January… and visit people in Milwaukee for a few days!

8. Started thinking about Christmas presents + Christmas shopping… yikes! Lots to do.

7. Got to hear from a former Ugandan child soldier on Wednesday when Invisible Children came and spoke at Momentum… Really, really cool experience.

6. Found the dog eating my computer charger… Now it only works when it wants to.

5. Saw some hot air balloons on the way to church on Sunday!

4. Made some really good queso. In the fondue pot, of course.


3. Got allergy testing done and found out that I’m allergic to basically everything in Arizona.

2. Found out a much prettier way to decorate cookies. Use a harder outside piping icing first, then add water to make it runny and fill in the middle!

1. Started a new job! (And found that waking up at 6am isn’t my thing. Oh, and that I’m also going to become a coffee addict.)

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