The options.

So, Mike is officially done applying to PhD programs! He applied to:

  1. Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY)
  2. NC State University (Raleigh, NC)
  3. University of Tennessee-Knoxville (Knoxville, TN)
  4. University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI)

Pretty random placement, but they all have really good grad programs for fuel cells! So I guess our main options are to go to one of those schools or stay here in Arizona after he finishes his Master’s degree in the summer. In other words, if you would like us to go to one of those particular places or live near you, it would be best to pray for (a) lots of funding for a particular school, (b) show Mike a super cool PhD program near you, (c) a free house to live in close to yours, (d) your awesomeness to shine through and make us realize that we should live right next door to you.

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