Life Update

So it’s been awhile since we posted on what was actually happening in our lives… Whoops! There haven’t been too many changes, but here’s what’s up:

Mike: Applied to four PhD programs (NC State, RIT, UW-Madison, UT-Knoxville). Heard back from NC State and RIT that he’s in! But hasn’t heard anything about funding yet. Still loving his Master’s program, especially this semester since there are more business/policy classes and it’s easier! Started doing the Insanity workout about a month ago and is feelin’ good.

Emily: Had an evaluation at work on the 7th of February, and it went extremely well! Continuing to move forward at CRA. Also, learning to use the sewing machine more– making purses and pretty pillows for the couch! Tried Insanity yesterday and thought I was gonna die.

Samson: Getting jealous when other guy dogs try to play with his golden retriever girlfriend, Fina. Also has a new favorite squeak toy.

Fruit flies: Unfortunately existing in our house right now.

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