June 15th: A crazy day!

Yesterday was my last day of work in Arizona, and it was so bittersweet.  Now that I’m done, it’s easier to focus more on the future and the fact that we’re actually moving to Rochester in 10 days.  It hasn’t really hit me yet… probably because I haven’t packed too many boxes so our apartment here still seems semi-normal.  But I’m sure in this upcoming week it’ll hit me bigtime.  I was really sad to have to leave my position here in AZ, just because the people I worked with are sooo wonderful.  After only working there since last November, we formed pretty close relationships!  I’m thinking we’ll still keep in touch, though… and that will be great! 🙂 We’re also getting together for lunch tomorrow before Mike and I actually leave. So I get to see them at least one more time!

Mike’s presentation for his Master’s degree applied project was yesterday as well.  So I went to work, had to say all of my goodbyes, got home a little late, and left immediately to go to a satellite ASU campus for the presentation.  Mike and Nirmal (his project partner) did a great job!  They modeled a photovoltaic / fuel cell system that’s totally sustainable on it’s own.  It doesn’t need to hook up to the electrical grid and only needs sun and water to run!  Pretty cool 🙂

Mike plays with his ring when he’s nervous… this was the beginning of the presentation 🙂

The guys with their poster!

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