This is our memory of Kansas


A giant huge stinkin bug on our car. Also, there were a few more bugs on there but not quite this big. We camped at Meade State Park from 5pm to 2:30am… We really tried but it was just soooo hot. The dog was even panting the whole time! It was 113 during the day (up until 9pm) then cooled off to about 90. Now it’s 77 as we’re driving at 3:05am, but it’s probably because of the wind flowing against the car. But we did manage to find an open gas station in the middle of nowhere! Aka the super small town of Meade.

We also realized that Samson is a great watchdog / guard dog… He just sits up straight and proper staring at the entrance of the tent. What a cutie 🙂

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