Whew! Rochester is humid! After living in the dry heat of Arizona for a year, I feel like every day here in Rochester is so muggy and damp. It’s definitely a lot cooler, but the humidity feels weird!

Despite the humidity, we are still loving Rochester. It’s so nice to live near Lake Ontario and other various rivers, streams, and bays. I didn’t realize how much I missed the water in Arizona! Yeah, there was man-made Tempe Town Lake, but that doesn’t really count. Here, we can walk along a beach, go swimming in the lake, take a kayak out onto the water, or go sailing. It’s wonderful!

Yesterday, after searching for churches for a long time (online and attending a couple of services), we finally found our church home here in Rochester!  We volunteered at Lakeshore Community Church a few summers ago while we were both here in Rochester over a summer, and that’s actually where we ended up yesterday morning.  Lakeshore is about a half an hour away, so the reason we didn’t go there in the first place was to try to find a church nearby in Henrietta- and we just couldn’t find one that fit. But now that we decided on Lakeshore, it’s a relief to know where we’ll be going every Sunday and where we can get connected.

I also signed up to take the GRE on Wednesday… I know, crazy. But maybe graduate school is in my future, too. The scores last for five years, so we’ll see what happens. I’ve only had a little less than a week to study, so hopefully everything I’m studying now will stick for the exam on Wednesday!

Last night, I also found this really awesome recipe for two vanilla cupcakes. Yep, only two so there are no leftovers to munch on for the rest of the week! You only need one bowl and ten minutes… so easy! Here’s the recipe I used.

Well, back to studying for the GRE! Later.

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