Sorry that this has been so boring lately! Yikes. I just haven’t had much to post! So here’s a little update…

I’m still working at Banana Republic and Mike is working nonstop as a PhD student… Seriously! He has so many papers (and entire textbooks) to read, a few assignments to do, and more. He definitely has his work cut out for him!  Mike and I are also officially volunteer staff with CRU at RIT.  We’re still not sure exactly what that will look like, but we’re excited!  We were really involved in undergrad and think it’s a great organization, so are pumped to help at RIT.  Samson is as cuddly as ever and is livin’ the life sleeping and eating all day.

I don’t really have many pregnancy symptoms at this point.  I’m just more tired than usual, a little more hungry than normal, and sometimes a bit moody (Mike will probably roll his eyes at that last one).  I have been having a ton of dreams, though! That’s kind of fun. Here’s our conversation from this morning:

“I had a crazy dream last night that I have to tell you about.” – Me

“Me too.” – Mike

“Romney was voted President, and the day before his inauguration, he died. Then the U.S. didn’t have a President, and there was kind of a zombie apocalypse. We had to figure out where to go to be safe and how to get food and survive.” – Me

“In mine, we ordered food at Burger King, and then when we got there, we couldn’t find it… I guess yours sounds a little more important.” – Mike

Apparently pregnancy also makes your husband have crazy dreams? Or maybe he just secretly wants Burger King… Hmm. Who knows!

I also made some Funfetti cookies today for Lakeshore’s Tailgate Party on Sunday… Don’t worry- I taste tested them and they are awesome.

There was also a little dog waiting for some icing by my feet. He may have acquired a taste by treating himself to some on various cupcakes, cakes, and even wedding cakes that we’ve made.

He may be cute, but frosting is not for dogs!

More to come soon.

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