13 Weeks

Did you know that not only is there pumpkin spice cream cheese (which Einstein’s and Bruegger’s have had for awhile), but there are pumpkin spice BAGELS?! I didn’t either, until Mike brought some home last night. He’s the best!

(And they’re delicious).

There’s also a pizza place near us called Tony Pepperoni. I’m convinced that you have to say their name with an Italian accent. They have delicious pizza… especially when you have a $5 off coupon 😉

So this week is 13 weeks of pregnancy! AKA the last week of the 1st trimester… which is kind of insane. After this week, the baby has everything it needs to just grow & grow & grow & grow. Woo!

This week, we’ve achieved peach status. Or as some other sources say, a medium shrimp. But shrimp are gross, so we didn’t go with that analogy.

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