Baby Sex Predictors

We hopefully get to find out our baby’s sex on November 20th! Aaahhhhh! I can’t wait. I also say “hopefully” because the baby has to be cooperative and not stay curled up in a little ball the whole time.

So, in light of finding out if our baby is a boy or a girl pretty soon, Mike and I decided to look up some fun wives’ tales on how to predict the baby’s sex.

Apparently, there is a 73% chance that our baby will be a boy. These tests are also completely ridiculous and don’t mean a thing.


Heartbeat test– Is the baby’s heartbeat above 140 bpm? Yes- girl.

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar– Look up by mother’s date at time of conception and month of conception. Girl.

Carrying high or low? Low. Boy.

Dry hands and cold feet? Yes. Boy.

Sweet or sour/salty cravings? Sour and salty. Boy.

Morning sickness or no? Nope! Boy.

Even & Odd Numbers– Are the mother’s age at time of conception and year of conception both even or both odd? No. Boy.

Is baby weight showing in face and spread to sides of the stomach? No. Boy.

Wedding ring on a string– Tie mom’s wedding ring on a string and hold it above her stomach. Does it have a circular motion or pendulum motion? Circular. Boy.

Craving citrus? Mega yes. Girl.

Which side do you sleep on? Left. Boy.


So… what do you think? Are the tests right?

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