Halfway Through?!

Yes, this is WEEK 20. That means we are HALFWAY THROUGH THE PREGNANCY. Which makes these thoughts run around in my head…

Wait… has it really been that long already?

What are we going to name him?!

Maybe I should get going on the nursery…

My stomach is going to get so much bigger.

Wait, I have to GIVE BIRTH in 4.5 months?!

I’m not ready to be a parent.

Woohoo! Halfway!

Yep, a conglomeration of excitement, not feeling ready, knowing that there is much to be done, and realizing that we are actually having a baby really soon! Craaaazyyyyy.

Well, this week we have a banana-sized baby. Up until this point, he’s been measured crown to rump, and now it’s head to toe! 10.5 inches long. Gaining weight steadily.




So, what do you think his name should be?! Our favorite suggestion so far is Walter Wallace Waller… clearly a winning name 🙂

3 thoughts on “Halfway Through?!

  1. alexbrueckner says:

    In similar alliterative names, my kids are getting *quite* the kick out of the name “Chris Christie” this week. We’re reading newspaper articles about Hurricane Sandy, and they think his name is nothing short of hilarious.

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