Oh, bring us some figgy pudding!


Remember the Advent Calendar idea we posted a little while ago?! Today is day 10: Try a new traditional holiday food. We decided on figgy pudding. I mean, people sing in demand of it, and even say that they won’t go until they get some, so it has to be good.

And it is. Oh, it is. (Even if you don’t think it sounds good, Mom! :)).

Start with some dates and figs…


Then grate the chocolate. And probably end up with chocolate shavings all over the kitchen and chocolate-covered fingers.


While the pudding cooks, brown sugar, butter, and heavy cream are combined to make the sauce on top.


Slits are cut in the top of the pudding to let some of the sauce seep in, and then vanilla icecream and more sauce go on top!


It was so good! Which was kind of surprising to us- we weren’t sure what to expect, haha! I wish we would’ve shared one, though… it’s pretty rich! But the bitter dark chocolate balanced out the extreme sweetness of the figs and dates.

We used this recipe, but cut everything in half… It still made four one-cup ramekins, which is actually what the original recipe called for! So… be adventurous! Try it!

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