21 Weeks.

Our baby is forming eyebrows! Or at least hopefully eyebrowS and not just one eyebrow… No unibrows, please, baby.

He is also the size of a zucchini. And practicing his martial arts in utero.





Yep, check out that belly. Frontal view = obvious now. Or maybe I just ate a ton of food?

On another note, we bought a crib! Here’s what it looks like! 🙂

Oh yes, there is a fake baby in it currently that Mike’s mom gave us to practice changing diapers and such. Please don’t think we’re too weird.


This is also what happens when two engineers have a baby: a to-scale layout of the nursery with furniture. Gotta figure out a layout somehow, right?!


Oh, and we have narrowed our list of names down to seven. Buuuut we’re not telling you what those names are. Sorryyyyyy.

One thought on “21 Weeks.

  1. Andrea says:

    I still feel like it was just yesterday when you told me you were pregnant! It’s crazy how time flies! You look beautiful and so happy! I can’t wait to see you! HOPEFULLY it’s before baby Waller is welcomed into the world!

    Also, you and Mike are two cute weirdos… don’t try to convince us otherwise 😉

    AND I secretly pray for baby Waller to be a ginger kid. 🙂

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