Week 22

Well, there’s really no hiding my belly anymore (not that I was trying to!)… Even if I wear looser-fitting clothes, customers at Banana still ask me how I’m feeling, when I’m due, if I’m having a boy or girl, etc. It’s kinda fun! But then I realize that if my stomach is this big now, it’s going to be HUGE later!

So this week, the baby is a size of a grapefruit. Please don’t ask me how we went from a zucchini to a grapefruit; I have no idea. A zucchini is at least twice as long as a grapefruit, and the baby is supposed to be around 11 inches long. I’ve never seen an 11-inch-in-diameter grapefruit, but if you ever see one, please let me know. Maybe I was supposed to peel the grapefruit and stretch the rind out to 11 inches?! Oh well, too late… I already ate it.



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