34 Weeks

4 3/4 lbs. 18 inches.

Size of a pineapple.

This baby is huge!

Unfortunately, I’m starting to get a lot more uncomfortable… but I guess I can’t complain since this has been a pretty great pregnancy so far! For example, I’ve never experienced heartburn before… and let me tell you: it stinks. Big time. Especially when all you want to eat is Mexican food, buffalo chicken, and citrus. But, the baby seems to be happy and healthy in there, so that’s all that really matters.



Oh, and P.S. 42 days to go. That’s not a lot!!!

One thought on “34 Weeks

  1. Judith M. Heimerl says:


    U look beautiful – cant wait to meet ur little man!

    Love all ur posts – what a unique idea!!

    Sent from my iPad


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