37 Weeks!

Full term!!! Aka the baby can come at any point now and he wouldn’t be a preemie. Woohoo! He’s approximately 6 1/3 lbs and 19 inches… But who really knows.

Although it’s been a pretty easy pregnancy so far, the past few days really stunk! I got a cold and have been coughing nonstop. I just feel bad for the little guy because he gets a squeeze every time I cough or sneeze! (Nice rhyme, huh? Totally ready to be a mom. Thanks, Dr. Seuss.) On the plus side, I’m eating popsicles with super corny jokes on the sticks, and that makes things a lot better.

I also usually wake up for an hour or two around 2am, so if you ever need someone to talk to late at night, just let me know. I’ll probably be up. Last night I convinced myself I had pertussis & was going to end up infecting our baby, and looked over our budget / paid bills… soooo…

This week, the baby’s approximately celery-sized. But obviously a lot heavier and not quite so narrow 🙂



One thought on “37 Weeks!

  1. Genevieve Kent-Waller says:

    you are looking well…..sorry you are sick….rest and get well before the little one arrives……Aunt Gevy

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