Finally! Pictures of the nursery! Haha. Although, I was lazy and didn’t move the stroller out of the room… so we can just ignore that.



I made a few Winnie the Pooh prints for the room, as well as the hot air balloon mobile and the curtains.


Mike and I bought that dresser off of Craigslist and repainted it + replaced the knobs!


Why not put up a map to cover up a nasty-colored closet door? 🙂 Mike’s little sister, Sky, got that gigantic teddy bear for the baby… Samson really wants it.


Diaper pail + extra diapers and wipes. Totally necessary! And Mike is trying to stash a Coca Cola trashcan in there… Hmmm…



My grandma made that quilt! Hand-sewn. No joke! She’s amazing.



Clearly everything isn’t out of the box yet… 🙂


My friend Laura made this print! It’s so cute!!!

Well, that’s the nursery! Now all it needs is a baby!

2 thoughts on “Nursery!

  1. Judith M Heimerl says:

    Emily –

    What a beautiful and bright nursery for baby W — what a lucky little guy he is to have you two as parents. I can’t wait to meet him too — it won’t be long! Maybe you will give your dad the greatest grandpa gift ever on his birthday!


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