Three weeks already!

Well, this week was significantly easier! My mood is back up, and we’re starting to get into a little more of a routine around here – which, unfortunately, still doesn’t include too much sleep. But I’m a lot more used to getting less sleep at night, so I can actually get things done during the day instead of taking as many naps as Caleb!


He makes sure to keep his pacifier close 😉

Caleb had his two week checkup and is doing great! He already gained an inch and over a pound. It’s crazy that he’s growing so fast! It’s definitely noticeable to us, although he is still small. I like that he fits right on my torso to take a nap 🙂

He experienced his first of many Rochester festivals, the Lilac Festival… and slept through all of it.  I also got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day – it was so wonderful! I was spoiled.


Mike dressed them in matching shirts for Mother’s Day… But Caleb isn’t sure how he feels about it…


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