Outer Banks Vacation!

Last week, we went on vacation to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. It was awesome! It also felt like we were only there for two days… crazy how time flies!

Caleb survived the two 12-hour car rides, thanks to a fun car toy from Grandma and a pit stop to see our friends Kate & Alexandra in Baltimore! (We also saw a man dressed in a purple unicorn costume and a lady walking a bunny in a stroller in Baltimore – awesome).

Caleb and I went for a few walks…


We also set up a cabana so that Caleb could stay in the shade. We tried to put him in the pool, but apparently it was too cold because he just started screaming :/


We also managed to take the worst family photo of all time… (Please feel free to laugh at us).


But we also took a decent one.


My favorite photos are always the ones of Mike and Caleb. He loves his daddy so much 🙂



It was a great week of sea kayaking, walks on the beach, eating way too much food, and spending time with family. When Caleb is older and can enjoy everything much more, vacations will be even better!

One thought on “Outer Banks Vacation!

  1. Judith M Heimerl says:

    Emily – these are great. What a difference in Caleb. I love the family photo. I so enjoy getting these posts from you. What beautiful memories you are creating. I love sharing these with Tom as well.


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