4 month stats & starting solids

Caleb had his four month checkup last Friday. It was great, except for the shots 😉

Weight: 17 lb 9 1/2 oz (90th percentile)
Height: 26.5 inches (92nd percentile)

He’s a big guy! And is so cute 🙂

We also got the go-ahead to start solids. The doctor said by all the signs (and the way he swallowed all of the Rotovirus Vaccine) that he’s definitely ready! And I guess they develop their swallowing mechanisms from 4-6 months, so it’s the ideal time frame to start!


This little guy looooves sweet potatoes. He kept grabbing the spoon from Mike because he wanted more!


And, he has also started eating his feet. I guess that’s a solid, too?

One thought on “4 month stats & starting solids

  1. Judith M Heimerl says:

    Emily – I just love these posts — I find myself always looking forward to the next one.

    Caleb is really filling out — his cute chubby hands and legs — BTW, the foot is categorized as solid food!!! LOL

    OMG – he is so cute, I could just squeeze the stuffing out of him!!

    Until the next post – enjoy!!!


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