Fall Recipe Roundup

Sweaters. Pea coats. Boots. Squash. Apples. Pumpkin everything.

Fall is in the air! And although the summer heat will be missed, the changing leaves are pretty, and the food is great 😉

Since Fall is my favorite season for food, I thought that a recipe roundup would be perfect. We’ll start with the tried & true and move on to the “this might be worth a try” recipes.

First off… Pumpkin spice coffee paraphernalia. It’s so good. But I still don’t want to spend $5 every day to get my craving satisfied… So let’s turn to a great DIY coffee creamer recipe.

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.06.35 AM

So simple… heat 1/2 cup of the milk with the cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice so it mixes well together, and then blend all of the ingredients together. Shake or stir vigorously to combine. Voila – pumpkin spice every day.

Tried and True:

Recipes I’m excited to try!:

So many options. Good thing there are lots of days in Fall 😉

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