Upstate Fall Getaway

Last weekend, Rochester Cru had their annual Upstate Fall Getaway (aka Fall Retreat) at Long Point Camp on Seneca Lake.  It was awesome! The speaker was Dan Huyn from Baltimore, and his talks were great. One point that hit home for Mike and I was on sacrificial love and making sure that as friends and family members, we are selfless and willing to help others even if it is inconvenient for us and even when people are unloving / not treating us quite as well.


Deanna and Dan as emcees, with Katie interpreting for the deaf students that attended the retreat. They are all from Rochester 🙂


Seneca Lake is beautiful!


Little munch loved the water


The whole Rochester gang.


Silly pic!


Not the best family photo, but that’s okay 🙂




One thought on “Upstate Fall Getaway

  1. Judith M Heimerl says:

    Emily –

    I loved these pics – Caleb is getting an early start on academic life!!! He is so stinking cute — I could just squeeze the stuffing out of him.

    I absolutely love the message that the speaker conveyed — I really believe in that type of living, but the problem for me, is actually living it!!! I guess we are all works in progress and we keep trying!

    Give that little cutie pie and hug and kiss for me — cannot wait to meet him!


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