Freeze-ahead breakfast sandwiches


Easy, healthy, and pre-made breakfast sandwiches? Yes, please! Mike has been loving these the past couple of weeks, and they only take two minutes to heat up in the morning. Perfect for on-the-go!


You can use sausage or bacon, choose whatever cheese you want, and use bagels or english muffins! Lots of options 🙂 I think you could even add veggies like tomato or peppers cut into rings.


Just bake the eggs in ramekins (or large muffin tins) for 10 minutes at 425 degrees F. I cracked the egg right into the ramekins and broke the yolk so that it was more spread out. They will be the perfect size to go on the sandwiches! Just make sure you spray them first 😉


Everything else is ready to go: The sausage, sliced cheese, and bagel. If you use bacon, you’ll have to cook that beforehand, though. I wrap each sandwich in parchment paper and stick it in a ziplock to go in the freezer… Then, you just heat them up right in the parchment paper! Perfect!!!

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