2013 In Review

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.49.47 AM

2013 was great! Here is our year in review:


  • Spoke at ASME Conference in Minneapolis in July
  • Started tutoring inner-city kids
  • Went to Tampa Cigar Festival in November
  • Finished PhD classes in December
  • Became a DAD in April!


  • Began freelance medical/technical writing in April
  • Started working for Cru in June
  • Became MOPS Table Leader
  • Started volunteering in church nursery
  • Became a MOM in April!


  • March: Niagara Falls
  • June: Cincinnati, OH (Mike only for Conference); Rockford, IL (Wedding)
  • July: Minneapolis (Mike only for Conference)
  • August: Outer Banks, NC
  • September: Seneca Lake, NY (Cru Fall Getaway); Syracuse, NY (Mike only for Conference)
  • November: Tampa, FL (Mike only for Conference)

*Caleb doesn’t have a list since everything is new for him 🙂

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