Our First House! (Part 1)

Here it is! Our first home!


We are located right by RIT – so close, in fact, that Mike will be able to bike or walk when the weather is nicer! We are also about 10 minutes from downtown, which is 10 minutes closer than our apartment was. Never a bad thing πŸ™‚

Here are some inside pictures… But keep in mind that we are still unpacking, so the pictures don’t look like magazine layouts or anything! We also haven’t redone anything yet – these are the “before” pictures with some great 70s and 80s decor πŸ˜‰

The Nursery


^Yup, that’s the wireless router for now.


The Kitchen




The Upstairs Living Room



Let me just tell you that Samson is not at home unless he has this couch. He is going to be a sad, sad puppy when it finally falls apart.



So, that’s Part 1 of the “before” house!

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