Grated Parmesan Container to Baby Toy!



Wondering what to do with that old grated parmesan container!? Make a baby toy!




I remember my brother using one of these empty containers in the bath because of the different “pour spouts”, and figured that we could probably make something out of this for Caleb to play with. Enter pipe cleaners and straws!




Literally the easiest toy ever. All you have to do is grab a bunch of household objects! He LOVES putting objects into containers, and of course taking them out… What baby doesn’t love to make a mess?



Just don’t forget to fold down the ends of the pipe cleaners so that the pokey metal end isn’t sticking out 🙂



And have fun!

One thought on “Grated Parmesan Container to Baby Toy!

  1. says:


    What a great idea!! U should market it and sell it – Caleb is testimony as to how much a baby would enjoy playing with it.

    Such a sweet little guy!

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