All-natural mosquito barrier

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 2.23.16 PMWe kind of have a lot of mosquitoes at our house. Like, a lot.

That being said, my mom told me that she heard on the news that you could call a lawncare company and have them spray for mosquitoes – the story said it’s about $60 for the whole summer. I was toooootally fine spending that money to get rid of these nasty ‘squitoes.

Buuuuut then I called and it was $200 for application #1, which would last for 3 weeks, and another $100-$150 for every application after that! This is calling various companies, mind you. Um, no thank you.

One website mentioned an all-natural, chemical free, garlic-based mosquito barrier, which intrigued me. It was pricey for them to do it, but at that point I kind of asked, “Isn’t this something I could make myself?”

The answer was YES! And it wasn’t even expensive! And it was super effective for three weeks!


Click the links for each to see where I purchased each essential oil. I’m sure others work just as well ;).

We also bought this sprayer for $10 to spray the yard (bushes, underneath trees, brush in the back, perimeter) – you just mix all of the ingredients right in there.

We barely saw any mosquitoes in our yard for those three weeks!!!! It was SUPER easy to make. We highly recommend it 🙂

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