Toddler Activity: Coloring Letters to Mail

Some days, I have a lot of work to do. As in, this past week and probably next week as well. While it’s super easy to turn the TV on and plop Caleb on the couch all day (and, okay, it happens probably for an hour or two when I have busier days), I’d prefer if he wasn’t zoning out during his entire wake time! This just means that Caleb needs a few more independent activities to do… And that is totally okay! He’s a pretty independent little guy 😉 And kids need some freedom and time to spend by themselves.

Lately, like most kids, he loves coloring. But as a Mom, I can easily get way too many pictures that I wouldn’t be able to display. We do have an art wall for him, but let’s face it – I don’t really want an entire art hallway. Sorry, Caleb.

We’ve found that a great alternative to coloring on a big sheet of paper is to color smaller notecards and send them to friends and family members. That way, you get to share your kiddo’s artwork, and keep the grandparents (etc) happy! 😉 Caleb is also happy because he can it by me while I work.

Usually, I let him go to town, then sign and date the cards.



Voilá! Mini artwork for the fridge, made with love. (Possibly coming to your fridge soon).

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