Thomas the Tank Engine Meet & Greet

Our local PBS Station had a Thomas Meet & Greet yesterday… And if you know Caleb at all, you know that he loves Thomas the Tank Engine. LOVES.

We figured hey – free event, easy sign up – might as well try it.

They gave out lots of freebies – meaning a million stickers.

And they had a few ways to keep the kiddos busy since it was somewhat of a long line to get in. Although, it would make a lot more sense to have Thomas trains to play with, wouldn’t it?

Here is Mike looking super excited to see Thomas. Oh wait… 😉

This was Caleb’s face pretty much the whole time: “What the heck is going on?” He did smile/laugh a few times, but he was mainly just confounded.

We obviously both thought it was hilarious when Dad put on the conductor hat.

Then we got to actually see Thomas… And he clung onto me sooooo tightly and refused to even touch Thomas hahaha. Ah well, maybe he was a little young for this?!

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 9.06.33 PM

Then there were tears. I wouldn’t set him down to go see Thomas again because our turn was over. Toddlers. Sheesh.

In all, it was a great experience that I am glad we got to have! Unfortunately, Caleb was a little too small (and too out of it from not enough sleep the night before) – but maybe Thomas will come back in a few years when Caleb is more ready to see him 🙂

One thought on “Thomas the Tank Engine Meet & Greet

  1. Judith M Heimerl says:

    Emily –

    I loved this story and it is so very typical of little kids — you just don’t know how their little minds work. Mom & dad get real hyped and excited and you think they will react the same way, but not always. What great parents you are with so much patience to do that for your little man.

    I have to share this story with you — I bought a little motorized car for my great-nephew when he was about 3 years old – I was over the moon excited about the idea because I remembered having a car when I was little, loved it and knew he just had to LOVE this. Tom put it together and we took it down to his house and to my disappointment, he was so underwhelmed with it — it was not his thing — and he never did grow to like it. I just spent almost $300.00 on something I loved, but Max clearly didn’t. If I were small enough, I would have ridden that car around – lol!

    Love all your stories about Caleb — just all too stinking cute.


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