Toddler Advent Calendar Activities

I know, I know… It’s not even Thanksgiving yet! But let me tell you, mamas, that I am going to make your life a little easier.

Here is an Advent calendar with activities for toddlers… And big to-do items that you want to check off. It’s a win-win situation. Something for each day that your toddler will be thrilled about, and sometimes an activity or two to help you get a few things done during this busy season!

This year, we’re going basic. Drinking hot chocolate, reading Christmas books, dancing to Christmas music.

The past few years (even pre-kiddo), it was easy to go overboard scheduling Christmas activities because, really, there are just tons of fun things to do! But, let’s face it, we all have busy schedules, so sometimes you just have to schedule one day on your Advent calendar to get the Christmas tree, and another to decorate it. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And I assure you that my Christmas decorations won’t be put up in one day, either.

So now you have the rest of November to sit back and relax (ha) knowing that you don’t have to think of Advent calendar activities! Well, unless you want to make some more crafts or add to the calendar 😉 But that’s all on you.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 3.27.54 PM

You can download the PDF and click the active links for these activities here: Toddler Advent Calendar

One thought on “Toddler Advent Calendar Activities

  1. Judith M Heimerl says:

    Emily –

    You are amazing – I wish I could claim you as my daughter. You and your family are so special and unique. Very thankful I know you and can share in part of your life. Now I wish I had little children to share this with.


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