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I recently read a lot of gardening books. A LOT. And some of them were really great!

How to grow Perennial Vegetables: not totally what I was looking for. This was a very glazed-over book.

Edible Spots & Pots: My absolute favorite of the books. Every pages was worthwhile and contained a wealth of information. This seriously helped me plan out my garden well!

Gardening Lab for Kids: A wonderful read that has awesome ideas for kids of all ages. I would love to get Caleb involved with gardening, even if it’s just in growing a few seedlings or making a few garden stones! There is lots to learn and teach when it comes to gardening.

Homegrown Harvest: This is a season-by-season book that I think would be better suited for those who can do year-round gardening – which obviously doesn’t happen in New York! I also didn’t think that the book went into enough detail about actually planting anything in the garden. There were some helpful plant and harvest charts in the back of the book.

Groundbreaking Food Gardens: This was another favorite. If I had really read the synopsis, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up, but I really liked the cover (haha!). This book goes through the designs of many different gardens, and was very helpful for figuring out how to divide up my gardening land and plan everything out. There are tons (or, specifically, 73) different ideas for all types of yards.

Gardening 101: If you want to see oldschool pictures of Martha Stewart, this book is your book! It was a little broad for me, and went through gardening LOTS of items, including trees.

So, if you are looking for a good gardening read, Groundbreaking Food Gardens and Edible Spots & Pots are two that you should definitely check out!

One thought on “Gardening Books

  1. Judith Heimerl says:

    Okay Emily, so what do you do in your spare time? You are amazing!!

    I love the idea of Caleb getting into gardening – you will have to post pictures of that😉

    Look forward to your next post!!

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