Bake15: Salty Pretzel and Mint Chip Chocolate Cream Pie (Pie #10)

One of my absolute favorite things to eat when I was younger (and, okay, now) was mint chocolate chip icecream… with pretzels. Dipping the salty pretzels into the sweet mint chip icecream makes for a pretty darn perfect combo. When I saw this recipe for a chocolate cream pie, I decided to use Joy the Baker’s Salty Pretzel Crust from Homemade Decadence and top the pie with her Mint Chocolate Chip “frosting”.

IMG_5022 IMG_5055

I have started to realize that buttermilk pie crusts are a good thing. A really good thing. They are perfect for both sweet and savory pies, and the texture is just fantastic.

This crust from Joy the Baker’s Homemade Decadence uses salty pretzels and gets pre-baked before adding the filling.

The filling is from the original cocoa cream pie recipe that I found on It starts out very thick, gets very thin when the milk is added, and then thickens again to an almost pudding-like texture.


I took another tip from Joy (although she didn’t write the cocoa cream pie recipe, she has a butterscotch cream pie in Homemade Decadence) and put a layer of plastic wrap touching the filling. This way, a film will not form on the filling.


Once the crust and filling both cool, the filling can go in the crust.

Then, to get the mint chocolate chippyness, I wanted to add another layer on top. Originally, I planned to use Joy’s Mint Chocolate Chip “frosting” – I keep putting this in quotes because it is a very light and fluffy frosting with minimal sugar, almost like whipped cream – from Homemade Decadence. I thought it would be the absolute perfect topping (and still hold to that). However, I had no heavy cream. Silly me looked up a substitution that said a cup of regular milk + a tablespoon of cornstarch is a SURE substitute for heavy cream. Yeah, no. Not at all. Total fail!!! So I decided to try more of a thick layer of mint chocolate goodness, and it’s a lot on the sweet side. Totally disappointing! I am not even putting that part of the recipe on here because I don’t want you to try it.



Next time, no substitutes.


The pie was still really good, though – in very, very small slices! I highly recommend this cocoa cream pie – it’s very easy, and super good. I also obviously recommend reading Homemade Decadence, since I’ve mentioned it about 21491287 times so far in this post.

The pie ratings:

The pie rating scale is a Mike-determined scale from 1 – 10, with a 5 being the “classic, homemade apple pie”, and 10 being the highest rating.

Emily: 6 – although I think this would go up quickly if I tried again with the right topping.

Mike: 6.5

2 thoughts on “Bake15: Salty Pretzel and Mint Chip Chocolate Cream Pie (Pie #10)

  1. Judith Heimerl says:

    I love how fashionable you look with your scarf while baking. I would have the scarf in the batter.

    I’m salivating over this recipe!!

    Sent from my iPad


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