Chore Chart

Awhile ago, we started a chore chart for Caleb based on a section we read in Toddler411. Toddlers can totally do chore charts, and after a few weeks (or however long you determine), the chore chart can be stopped and the hope is that the kids will still be willing to do the chore even without reward.


For Caleb, the chore was to clean up after himself. Basically, we were getting tired of so many toys all over the place! After each row is completed on this chart, Caleb gets a new Hotwheels car. He sits on our bed and takes foreverrrr to choose a new car each time. He loves it.


We increased the number of times he has to clean up to get a car, maxing it out at seven, so that he would get the hang of the process. Sometimes, it takes 2-3 weeks for him to clean up seven times since he is not even two yet 🙂 But he understands the chore chart concept for the most part.

Today, he finally finished the first total chore chart after 2.5 months! It took way longer than we thought – but we thought he’d be sneaky and dump out his toys right after picking them up to get more stickers. Thankfully, this only happened once 🙂


Since it took awhile and Caleb took a big interest in this chart, it was ripped down a few times and some stickers were removed – definitely time for a new one! Although this is the stopping point that Toddler411 talked about, I think we will continue with the chart since he is doing so well with it. In the future, we plan to add more tasks to the chore chart, and possibly use it for potty training.

So, here is a PDF of the chore chart that we used incase you would also like to use or share it: Chore Chart.

One thought on “Chore Chart

  1. Judith M Heimerl says:

    What an awesome idea – I guess the little ones can be trained from an early age. Love the excitement in his face when he’s looking at his Hotwheels!!


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