Father’s Day Weekend in Watkins Glen


We spent this past weekend camping at a KOA (Kampground of America) in Watkins Glen, and it was awesome! We stayed in a cabin, which was definitely the right choice with a two-year-old. He had his own twin bed to sleep in, we could control the temperature, and there was a miniature refrigerator. I know – not much of a “real camping” trip, but just what we needed with the little guy.


He said (over and over and over) how we were going to “play outside all weekend” – which is just what we did.

Friday was a (pretty lame) festival at Seneca Lake, but the weather was nice, and the views were nicer, so we enjoyed ourselves walking around, looking at boats, and listening to an elderly folk music group.


Saturday was the perfect morning. Watkins Glen State Park opened at 8:30am, and we got there around 9am. With temperatures between 65 and 70 F, our walk through the park and up the 800+ stairs was made easier by the moderate weather and lack of visitors to the park.


We got to stand under waterfalls, which Caleb thought was super cool.





We hiked to a picnic area to eat lunch and then play on a playground. There is a shuttle to go back to the main parking lot, but we decided to hike back instead since it was downhill and much easier than the initial trip! Caleb walked partway this time (only near the calmer water!). When the water got rougher, Mike carried him and he just passed out… for the next two hours.


It was a great weekend, and we will definitely stay at a KOA and go back to Watkins Glen in the future!

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