Bake15: Ham and Cheese Puff Pastry Pie (Pie #13)


Surprise, surprise… another Joy the Baker pie!

This was actually a pie I made the day after Pi Day – just a little while ago.

Step one: purchase store-bought puff pastry. Yeah. I know. This pie is already a piece of cake… Although that seems like an oxymoron.

Joy made hers into more of a pie shape – aka a circle – but the puff pastry I found was a rectangle, so I went with it and think that we actually liked it better. It was easy to cut into squares and easy to hold.


This pie uses a nice layer of whole-grain mustard… which, yes, I was a little skeptical about. BUT – you can’t even feel the ‘funky’ texture after it cooks.

Then the pie is topped with black forest ham and gruyere cheese.

Then the second puff pastry goes on top and slits are cut.


After baking, it looks PERFECT and is seriously the best lunch ever.


Cutting the pie into squares made it seem like just a fancy sandwich… Which it kind of is.


We all loved this – including Caleb! Even he asked for more (regular, with no grains) mustard to dip the sandwich in. I think this is a great go-to lunch to last a few days or for the whole week, depending on the size of your family. While I did use black forest ham and gruyere based on Joy the Baker’s recommendations, I’m sure various combinations could be used to make lots of different puff pastry pie sandwiches.

The pie ratings:

The pie rating scale is a Mike-determined scale from 1 – 10, with a 5 being the “classic, homemade apple pie”, and 10 being the highest rating.

Emily: 10

Mike: 10

This pie is a definite winner and is SO easy to make – you should definitely give it a try!

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