Elise: One Month

Well, time sure does fly! Elise is already one month old. It feels like she’s been in our lives for so much longer!
She pretty much slept her way through her first month. Like… we had to look up if it was okay for a newborn to sleep 22-23 hours per day in the first week. Don’t worry – she doesn’t sleep that much anymore. And she wakes up to eat every three hours, so don’t be jealous if you think we’re already at the ‘sleeping through the night’ stage.
We all already love her to pieces, and Caleb seems to be adjusting really well to having a little sister at home.
He eventually wanted to get in on this photoshoot.
At one month, Elise…
  • Snuggling
  • Taking baths
  • Changing clothes
  • Christmas / string lights
  • Smiles!
  • Rolled over once – on purpose – but hasn’t tried again
  • Tracks objects with her eyes
It’s funny looking back at Caleb’s first month pictures as well, because a) these kids look so stinkin’ similar and b) we knew his personality at one month! If that holds true, Elise is going to be sweet and peaceful… unless she isn’t getting what she wants, then she’ll definitely let you know. For example, in our first attempt at the one month photoshoot, she was not feelin’ it:
But hey, the crying face has to be documented, too. We love you, Elise!

One thought on “Elise: One Month

  1. G Waller says:

    She is very cute and certainly looks like Caleb….Glad to hear she is doing well. I hopefully can get shopping soon so I can get a little something sent for her. I have been not to well the last couple months , but hopefully will turn that around soon. Intake care and say hello to everyone from uncle Wes stand myself.

    Love aunt gevy

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