Elise: 9 Months

Well, we are definitely hitting toddlerhood, evidenced by the fact that my Fitbit tells me that I am hitting my goal number of steps every day. We are constantly chasing after Elise to stop shoving dog food in her mouth, get away from plugs/cords, or cease taking bites out of every tomato from the CSA. This girl knows what she wants, and she goes for it. A good quality for later in life 😉

Elise loves:

  • Walking with her cart
  • Climbing
  • Fruit
  • Dogs
  • Doing things very precisely (she is very careful learning how to stand – she doesn’t want to fall abruptly)
  • Mom’s hair
  • Playing games (she likes to cover her face with cloths to play peek-a-boo)
  • Music – especially Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake


Here, Elise is wondering if she can get down now since she sat nicely for pictures. Luckily, she realized she is not able to on her own. Smart girl.


  • Standing without help
  • Groovy dance moves
  • Says “dada”, “papa”, “bath”, “lub” (Caleb) in addition to “mama” and “hi”
  • Trip to Albany and NYC!

Elise is definitely developing her own little personality of being sweet, playful, demanding, observant, intelligent, and mindful. She picks up on things very quickly and is able to mimic others well. We think she’ll be walking soon, but know that she will want to make 100% sure she can take steps by herself without falling before she tries to walk without help.

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