Elise: 11 Months

Our little Ellie is 11 months old! That means this is the second to last monthly post… how did that happen!?

Snow White went trick-or-treating at Caleb’s preschool – and absolutely loved it! She’s ready to be a big girl, but we’re not quite ready yet 😉


  • Eating meat
  • Dogs
  • Being chased
  • Going to preschool to pick up Caleb (she gets lots of attention)
  • Exploring / climbing
  • Taking everything off of shelves, out of drawers, etc. And sometimes shoving it in other places.

Oh, and she also loves jumping and climbing on her giant puppy, as well as the pillow forts that Caleb builds all the time.


  • Full-time walking
  • Whole milk
  • Words: “diaper” and “ducky”
  • Trick-or-treating

And here’s an obligatory shot of both of them:


2 thoughts on “Elise: 11 Months

  1. Judy says:

    Emily – Elise is so stinking adorable. What a baby doll!! Caleb has changed so much too – they are absolutely beautiful.

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